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Gas systems solutions for all your needs.

Gaz Mont-Tremblant is the expert in the Laurentians for all your gas appliances needs. Heating solutions, hot water, cooking appliances and much more!
Trust our experts for your gas appliances’ care and maintenance.

Propane and natural gas systems specialists in the Laurentians.

Who are Gaz Mont-Tremblant, Gaz Saint-Jérôme and Gaz Sainte-Thérèse?

We provide installation, repair, care and maintenance of propane and natural gas systems. Gaz Mont-Tremblant, Gaz Saint-Jérôme and Gaz Sainte-Thérèese are dedicated and certified partners of Energir in the Laurentians. Our mission is primarily to offer high quality products and efficient and durable solutions.

Our priority is an honest and open approach with our clients. We recommend products for our customers that we would use ourselves, nothing less. Heating solutions, domestic hot water, cooking appliances, fireplace and much more! Simply put, we work on almost anything that is connected to propane or natural gas!

Success stories from our customers centre on our extensive experience and thorough technical knowledge for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Trust our team at any time with our 24/7 emergency services.

Why opt for gas?

Natural and propane gas offer a green option. When installed by specialists, modern gas appliances offer both performance and reliability. Gas is an efficient resource that allows for significant energy savings of up to 30% of your current consumption. Gas water heaters regain their heat twice as fast as any other appliance, thus ensuring a continuous supply of hot water.

Residential and commercial services

All gas appliances should be installed by trained and certified contractors.

  • Propane and natural gas appliances installation
  • Modifications and additions to existing installation
  • Repair and preventive care
  • 24/7 emergency services

Our Clients